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You can change the world and make history.

Philanthropists have a deep love of humanity and a desire to promote and support the welfare of others. Some of the most incredible improvements to society have happened because of the generosity and inspirational thinking of philanthropists. These activists have shown and continue to show that it is possible to change people and systems and therefore change the world and make history. 

You can become a philanthropist. Change makers all start from somewhere. Today can be your first step in helping to transform the world for the better. You can become part of the Helen Bamber Foundation’s journey. It’s not about wealth, it’s about activism and making the world safer and happier for everyone. 

At the Helen Bamber Foundation we have had and continue to have brilliant philanthropists doing amazing things. 

Here is an example of a small handful of people who have made significant change:

The successful business leader, Jon Moynihan, helped found the Helen Bamber Foundation in 2005. 

Sam Roddick, from Coco de Mer, co-hosted the Journey exhibition alongside our President, Emma Thompson. This exhibition raised awareness of human trafficking and was visited by thousands of people. It changed how trafficking was seen in the UK.

The esteemed artist, Anish Kapoor, is a long established supporter and patron, of the Helen Bamber Foundation. He hosted an exhibition for us that effectively enabled us to move forward through a particularly difficult period. 

Julie Brangstrup, an inspirational entrepreneur created Cash & Rocket, a unique community of like-minded, powerful women. Cash & Rocket's mission is to change the world by providing safety and education to women and children in need. They have changed hundreds of Survivors lives through their support of the Helen Bamber Foundation since 2019. 

You can be a philanthropist 

If you choose to support the Helen Bamber Foundation you become part of our foundation. You will directly make the world a better place for the Survivors of trafficking and torture. We make things happen, we care for Survivors, we instigate leading research and we change policy. You can be part of this and help solve one of the world’s most pressing and difficult problems. 

We will work together, we will build, create and make things happen. With your support we can change history and then make things better. Simultaneously, we can support you and your goals, so everyone is truly making a difference. It’s a partnership. 

If you want to talk about how together we can make a change and help support the Helen Bamber Foundation, then please get in touch.