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All Encompassing Care

Our model of All Encompassing Care provides support to our clients for their whole journey.

After many years of working alongside Survivors, we know that in order for them to achieve full and sustained recovery from their experiences, they need consistent support across all aspects of their lives. Not just a bit of it, or half of it: we really mean their whole journey.

Our specialist team of therapists, doctors and legal experts hold an international reputation for providing therapeutic care, medical consultation, legal protection, counter-trafficking support and practical support including welfare and community integration work. 

We are always evolving and improving our model of care through insight and research to ensure we offer our clients the most effective, empathetic care and support. We share our insights and training with other partner frontline organisations to help those Survivors we can’t directly reach and work to improve and inform Government policy and best practice.

"Whatever I go through, they go through with me."