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Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations make a vast and vitally important contribution to Survivors’ sustained recovery. 

Grants from incredible charitable organisations make up two thirds of the total amount needed to support our clients.

Why do we need trusts and foundations?

Survivors experience debilitating mental, physical and legal problems. Distressing legal procedures, extreme poverty and systems that, instead of supporting their recovery, accelerate their deterioration. Without appropriate support our clients are at real risk of re-victimisation. We use our clients experiences’ and our expertise to change the environment for all Survivors. 

What your support can do 

With your support, the Helen Bamber Foundation can ensure that Survivors are safely removed from harmful, abusive or exploitative situations. We can facilitate Survivors to empower themselves and move beyond their traumatic experiences. Resulting in Survivors living their life to the fullest and on their own terms.

When you invest your money in the Helen Bamber Foundation’s clients, you become actively part of Survivors’ recovery. The all encompassing care Survivors receive, means that they are no longer alone and can take the journey to a happy and healthy life. 

Each year we work directly with around eight hundred Survivors. As a result of working with other organisations and NGOs we, indirectly, support thousands of other Survivors who have lived through trafficking and torture. 

We also work to change policy and practice to ultimately create a safer and fairer system for all. 

We have proven that Survivors can recover with appropriate support and care.

How we make sure your support is used effectively 

At the Helen Bamber Foundation, we know how important it is to demonstrate the effectiveness of our work. We are a clinical, evidence-based organisation. If you invest in us, we will show you how our work makes the difference for Survivors. We use a range of outcomes and indicators to record our clients’ progress and recovery. Simultaneously, we are always driving research and we are constantly learning how to do better. 

Working Together 

We work with many different people and organisations to deliver the best support to Survivors. We know that when we work together we propel extraordinary change. We do this by talking, driving system reform, undertaking strategic litigation, partnerships and continually researching ways to ensure Survivors achieve recovery. 

Survivors are at the centre of everything we do

At the Helen Bamber Foundation we know that Survivors and their lived experience is the most important voice. We learn everything from our interactions with clients and it is from there that we derive all our work. 

Our Service User Group ensures that clients are involved in a significant way in developing our work. Clients are at the heart of our foundation, their voices, experience and knowledge propels us all forward for positive change. 

If you want to provide sustained recovery for Survivors and become actively part of our foundation please make a donation or contact us.