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Our Offer


Talking and listening is of paramount importance to us. When knowledge and expertise is exchanged, best practice is shared, networks of connections are formed and through these conversations, we come to understand how we can help one another. From there we can then see where the gaps are, and subsequently they can be filled with a better service and appropriate care. We have longstanding, strong relationships with many other organisations in our sector. In some cases the best way we can support a partner is providing guidance, mentorship or training. Often it is through these activities that we develop new creative ideas for working together.

Here is how some of our guidance and training has worked:


We partner with Freedom from Torture and the UK Visas & Immigration policy team to deliver a medico-legal report training programme for Technical Specialists and Senior Caseworkers. This is a vital partnership which helps to better understand how to work with Medico Legal Report evidence in asylum claims. 

What some of our participants have said:

“Thank you, I feel a lot more confident in handling/ advising on MLRs and more knowledgeable

“I will no longer be cynical when looking at MLRs, meeting/speaking with the foundations has really opened my eyes. The interactive parts were really helpful - produced healthy debates and helped clarify some points of confusion”


We train NHS Safeguarding Midwives on how to apply the Helen Bamber Foundation’s Trauma Informed Code of Conduct so that they can appropriately support patients who are Survivors of trafficking. This shared knowledge means that more women are supported safely through their pregnancy and beyond. 


We offer training on Trauma-focussed Therapies for both trainee and qualified therapists in the NHS. This ensures they can offer the best standard of care for their clients suffering with PTSD, or Complex PTSD.

What trainee and qualified therapists have said: 

“Found the trainers fantastic. Very helpful, compassionate and cheerily confident and skilled in relation to trauma focussed therapies and treatment of trauma. Really feel more confident to work with complex trauma cases. Really liked how active the training was, rather than over use of powerpoint.”

“The practices/experiential components were very helpful. Fran and Sam were very approachable and their enthusiasm was inspiring.”

“The practical experience and the simultaneous feedback as we practiced were very helpful - it brought the concepts to life and brought more learning out. Usually I hate role play but these and the videos were so helpful.” 

“A very good balance between theoretical input and practice/experiential pieces. Very relatable and can see myself putting the trauma focussed model into practice”