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Helen Bamber Foundation Group

In 2020, the Helen Bamber Foundation adopted a group structure. 

This means that organisations sit within, and are part of, the Helen Bamber Foundation Group. Organisations within the Helen Bamber Foundation Group share expertise, resources and work together to fill gaps in services, policy and practice. 

The Helen Bamber Foundation Group exists to ensure Survivors get the support they need. We know that by joining together with others we can and will do more. 

We know that together we can have an even greater impact. So, when you can see an opportunity to help improve Survivors lives, by working together, we would love to talk. 


Asylum Aid is, and has long been, a leader in our sector: providing high-level legal support to ensure the protection of vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and thought leadership. Now, in its 30th year of providing high quality legal support - their services are needed more than ever. 

By working together and linking our thinking, the Helen Bamber Foundation and Asylum Aid have secured a significant lifeline for vulnerable refugees and migrants at a critical time. Under the umbrella of the Helen Bamber Foundation Group, we will work together to continue to raise the standard of care for Survivors and influence policy and practice to ensure that they receive the protection they need.