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Fundraise For Us

Fundraising is fun! It’s a perfect opportunity to be creative and to tap into your strengths.

The most important thing to remember about fundraising is that it can be fun. Seriously, we mean it, it can be a really good laugh. You are doing something actively positive for the world as well as having a good time yourself. 

You may have already made money before for your industry, so have a think and see what might work, be brave and go for it! We are always endlessly amazed by what people can do and what our fundraisers have done for us. Every time someone fundraisers for the Helen Bamber Foundation another Survivor is helped, it’s as simple as that. 

No amount of money is too small, we will make everything count. 

The power of a £15 donation 

All fundraising is essential, powerful and will make a difference. 

You may think £15 isn’t very much, but £15 can make a real and tangible difference. 

£15 can pay for a phone top up. Which ultimately means a Survivor is able to call their lawyer, or contact their therapist, or call us. It actively propels them into a safer more manageable space. 

£15 can pay for a volunteer to attend an asylum hearing with one of our clients; ensuring the Survivor feels supported and cared for. 

£15 can pay for food and essentials for a vulnerable family. It will, quite honestly, help save lives. 

We can support you with your fundraising 

We can help make it really easy

Start a Just Giving Page and have us as your charity

You can pay into our paypal account for easy transfers and use our gift aid form. 

We are at the end of the phone if you need help. 

You can start fundraising now! Let us know if you need us, because we need you!