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Everyone and anyone can make a difference.

You are a change maker and when you support the Helen Bamber Foundation you will immediately join our journey. You can become part of our organisation today, right now.  

When you join the Helen Bamber Foundation’s journey you stand alongside Survivors of trafficking and torture. Survivors have come a long way and recovery takes a long time. At the Helen Bamber Foundation, this journey is one of togetherness. 

There are thousands of people who have been trafficked and tortured living in the UK. These people are extremely vulnerable and are made even more so by the current hostile environment. We know that when we act, we can help Survivors directly and also make big changes so things improve here and globally. We are delivering change right now and you can join too, you can act and make a real difference. 

Together Survivors, supporters and the foundation have achieved brilliant things and have transformed the way Survivors are helped. They have been able to drive targeted projects specifically helping vulnerable women. They have actively helped change policy which has directly helped better treatment of Survivors. They have directly helped Survivors take their next steps to independence by aiding our education and employment programmes. 

Our promise to supporters 

We promise to use your support in the very best possible way. We will put our clients and Survivors first. We will measure our impact and make sure we deliver what we say we will. We respect you and we promise to be careful with your money. We know, together, we can change Survivors' lives. 

How you could help

Supporters give in a variety of ways, but each one has a unique and personal relationship with us. Some supporters may be involved through several different types of giving. For example you could donate and also come to volunteer with us. We have learnt that in every business, office and group, there are many fantastic, individual people who want to act and make change, everyone can be involved. 


Here are some examples how transformative your support can be: