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Work Together

We work together to ensure all Survivors get the protection and support they need.

We train and share best practice with other organisations, institutions and individuals to work collectively and bring about policy change. 

We know there are huge gaps in provision for Survivors. It is these significant absences that we must focus on, to ensure Survivors safety and recovery. 

We can best offer added value and change, by focussing on these following areas:

  • Provision of Mental Health Support 
  • Delivering the best care and protection for Survivors
  • Improving access to legal protection
  • Filling the gaps in care for young people

We know that to have the greatest and most effective impact, we all need to work together.

By working together with organisations like Young Roots, Asylum Aid, Women For Refugee Women, and many more, we are making sure that Survivors are given the best chance to live freely and to regain their independence. 

We believe in the highest standard of trauma - informed care for all Survivors, in the UK and internationally. We are continuously refining our direct service to deliver the best results, improve practice across the UK and shape international guidelines.

We can improve together and build for a better future for all Survivors of trafficking and torture.