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Statement on the Napier Barracks Ruling

Jennifer Blair

In response to the judgment handed down on 3 June 2021 by the High Court on the Napier barracks,  Jennifer Blair from the Helen Bamber Foundation legal team has shared:

"The government moved people in need of support into Napier camp contrary to public health advice and without proper planning. This legal case is very important for shining a light on the conditions in the camp. As set out in the judgment, the site cannot be made COVID secure as it is used at the moment, and the conditions are unsafe. People seeking asylum require care and support to promote recovery, whereas Napier barracks is causing harm to survivors of torture and modern slavery. We are very pleased that the claimants in this case have now received justice, but the camp needs to be closed to protect the hundreds of people forced to live there at the moment.”

The Helen Bamber Foundation is a human rights charity that gives Survivors of trafficking and torture the strength to move on. Our care ensures that Survivors are free, healthy, safe, protected from re-victimisation, detention and poverty.

The Helen Bamber Foundation provided expert evidence in the challenge brought by six asylum seekers who were accommodated in Napier barracks between September 2020 and February 2021.